Tweets from Frustra

  • 4 May 14@modsio said: is on its way! We're sending out more invite emails, so start looking for more Minecraft mods linking to
  • 26 Dec 13@FrustraSoftware said:We're back. MyCraft is getting it's long-awaited overhaul, and we have big plans for the near future.
  • 20 Apr 13@Portal2Sounds said:It's a little late, but the MvM TF2 quotes are available at Some quotes are shown as blank until the page is finished
  • 20 Apr 13@Portal2Sounds said:Portal 2 has just passed it's 2 year anniversary. Portal 2 Sounds is also nearing the 2 year mark. A complete site update is planned soon!
  • 1 Dec 12@Portal2Sounds said:Team Fortress 2 MVM quotes and music are finally being uploaded! They should be available sometime tomorrow.
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