Progress update on MyCraft (Previously Minecraft Proxy)

Posted Jan 19, 2011 in mycraft

This has been a somewhat delayed development log entry for this project, but you'll be glad to know a ton of things have happened.

To start, we have renamed the Minecraft proxy to MyCraft. Under this new name we have decided to turn the proxy tool into a full plugin/mod utility for Minecraft.
It will be be very easy to install plugins, and they will not be affected by most Minecraft updates.
From a modder's perspective, it will be much easier to create mods because of the extensive API, with which even non-programmers will be able to create mods.

MyCraft is a very big project, and is only about 25% complete, so it will not be available for download for a while. We are currently working on building up the API. I have uploaded some screenshots of the modified menu, although this will probably be changed.

Modified main menu MyCraft login screen