Our Giant Todo List

Posted May 19, 2012 in portal2sounds, gaming, mycraft

We've been frantically working on trying to clear up the todo list. The more we work on a project, the more things it seems we have to do.

Most recently we've completed the new Portal 2 Sounds player and uploaded all the Portal 2 in-game music. The Core Swap music is a good set of songs to listen to with the playlist feature if you want to check it out. Added to the player were the playback mode selection, pausing, and volume. Still to come on the site are some "obnoxious filters" so you don't have to listen to the annoying songs if you don't want to. This will be a while before it's added though, because of the other projects going on right now.

We were planning on finishing the Minecraft server and releasing it this week, but that hasn't happened due to some bugs with plugins that we're still trying to fix. The creative world is completely set up, but the survival world is somehow being ignored by some plugins, and the general permissions for the server are a bit screwed up. Hopefully we'll be able to fix up these problems over the weekend and make the server public early next week.

Development on MyCraft+ has finally resumed after all the work done to Portal 2 Sounds. Like the Minecraft server, an update for the beta will be released next week that will update the name, fix all the mod bugs we've recieved, and hopefully add some new features for portability.

As mentioned in the previous blog post, the current wiki page contains a list of tested mods that work with MyCraft+. If you find any mods that do not work with MyCraft+, you can contact us on our support IRC or on our forums and we'll fix them for the next release.

The plan is to post a new blog entry once a week summarizing what has happened during the week.