Reddit Traffic is Insane

Posted Jun 2, 2012 in portal2sounds, mycraft, gaming

This week we recieved an unprecedented amount of traffic on Portal 2 Sounds from the front page of reddit. On May 28, 80,000 people browsed the site, making it the largest spike in traffic we've had yet. This was particularly exciting since our server was finally able to handle the increased traffic without dying spectacularly — previously we've crashed servers and caused them to be disconnected due to excessive bandwidth usage. Here's a graph of the number of concurrent viewers over time:

Massive reddit traffic

MyCraft+ hasn't had too much work done on it recently because we've both been busy with school and other projects. There were a couple small updates to the beta that should fix some mods. Hopefully we'll have more time for development than we've been having recently.

We've made promises about when our Minecraft server will be made public, but it hasn't been smooth sailing. Every time we look at it either there are plugins to update or something isn't working as it should. The server has been set aside for when we have more time or can find someone who can manage it for us. If you know anyone with experience setting up a Bukkit server (maybe yourself), you can PM xthexder about helping out.