Minecraft Server & MyCraft Plus

Posted May 11, 2012 in gaming, website, portal2sounds, mycraft

A whole lot of stuff has been happening recently, and we've still got tons of plans for Frustra. There's a couple features for the website that we're still adding/updating, like an rss feed for the blog, and the wiki pages. The RSS feed should be added soon, but the wiki will take some time to complete. We're continuing to work on our other websites as well. We've just added the new quotes from Portal 2's Perpetual Testing Initiative to, and we're almost done indexing the Portal 2 Music page with all the in-game background music.

Our minecraft server has been neglected previously, and required a large amount of work to update. It is nearing completion now, and should be public within a week. All that is left now is configuring a couple plugins and testing permissions.

MyCraft+ has been slowing down in development because of all the other projects we have going on, but development will resume soon after the minecraft server is released. As a result of the beta, we've been able to identify several bugs with certain mods which will be fixed soon. The current wiki page contains a list of tested mods that work with MyCraft+, which will be updated as often as possible. As before, if you find any mods that do not work with MyCraft+, you can contact us on our support IRC or on our forums.