Minecraft Server & MyCraft Plus

Posted May 11, 2012 in gaming, website, portal2sounds, mycraft

A whole lot of stuff has been happening recently, and we've still got tons of plans for Frustra. There's a couple features for the website that we're still adding/updating, like an rss feed for the blog, and the wiki pages. The RSS feed should be added soon, but the wiki will take some time to complete. We're continuing to work on our other websites as well. We've just added the new quotes from Portal 2's Perpetual Testing Initiative to, and we're almost done indexing the Portal 2 Music page with all the in-game background music.

Our minecraft server has been neglected previously, and required a large amount of work to update. It is nearing completion now, and should be public within a week. All that is left now is configuring a couple plugins and testing permissions.

MyCraft+ has been slowing down in development because of all the other projects we have going on, but development will resume soon after the minecraft server is released. As a result of the beta, we've been able to identify several bugs with certain mods which will be fixed soon. The current wiki page contains a list of tested mods that work with MyCraft+, which will be updated as often as possible. As before, if you find any mods that do not work with MyCraft+, you can contact us on our support IRC or on our forums.

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New Website

Posted May 5, 2012 in website, mycraft

You might have already noticed that we've completely redone the website. The new site is coded from scratch and runs a fancy new tech stack that includes Node.js with Express, HTML5 with Jade, and CSS3.

We are currently running a beta of MyCraft Pro's drag-and-drop mod installation feature. We're working hard on finish up the rest of the features and preparing for the big release of the full version!

We haven't been posting on this blog very much until now, but we'll try and keep it updated as much as possible with our current projects.

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New Forum & Frustra Gaming

Posted Aug 25, 2011 in website, gaming

You might have noticed the new link at the top — we have a new forum! Due to this, we have disabled user registration on the main site, and made all downloads available without any registration whatsoever.

Also, because of high demand we have started a couple game servers. We run one Minecraft server ("MyCraft Extreme SMP"), and one Team Fortress 2 server at the moment.

Once we finish getting everything ready on the servers, they will become public.

Hope to see you there soon!

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MyCraft Tool Mods and Render Options

Posted Jan 22, 2011 in website, c-pong, tetrus, uber-sand

After a lot more work, basic tool items have been implemented. In the next release, which will likely come tomorrow, the test mod will contain the "Blood Pickaxe", which can break any block instantly, and kill any mob instantly. This is just an example to show the capabilities of the API, and will be changed later to a more realistic item.

Also part of this next release will be some rendering options for super-low detail (no particle effects) and super-high detail (fancy lighting), possibly even more.

The first full release of this is coming soon!

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Development Log Started

Posted Dec 14, 2010 in website, c-pong, tetrus, uber-sand

Soon we will be filling this log with progress reports of programs we make.

A simple beta of TetrUs has been posted, and Uber Sand has been released.
Some more old completed projects will be posted along with Uber Sand such as C Pong.

Progress on TetrUs is going well and scoring and a lobby should be done soon.

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