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Posted Mar 1, 2015 in modsio, minecraft

After almost a year of private beta for, we're getting close to opening the doors. The platform has been successful in its beta stage, hosting over 100 mods and paying out hundreds of dollars over the past few months. There are still many features planned for the future, but our current focus is to prepare for the public launch.

You can view the mods already on the site and join our mailing list to be notified when goes live by visiting the homepage.

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Posted Jan 12, 2014 in modsio, minecraft

We've started our next project - After being part of the Minecraft modding community for over 2 years, we've decided to build a mod hosting platform that solves the problems with advertising services like We're doing our best to come up with a platform that is clean, easy to use, and provides authors with revenue for their mods. homepage

We'll be inviting selected mod authors to a private beta, in which we'll test out the service and make sure everything runs smoothly and fairly. Over the months as we add new features, we'll be inviting more and more people to try out the platform, so add your email to the list if you want to get early access.

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