TetrUs Update

Posted Sep 25, 2011 in tetrus

I've recently picked up TetrUs as a side project once again to finish it off in some of the places it's missing features.
The biggest thing that you'll notice is that you can now invite specific people in the lobby.
There is also a scoring system with levels.
The highest level is 11 not 10 because of This Comic
I've also removed the password for the login, since the website no longer has accounts.

Link to TetrUs Page: Link to TetrUs Gameplay Video:

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New Demo Videos & Updates

Posted Apr 2, 2011 in mycraft, tetrus, uber-sand

Recently I've been working hard on many things. I've updated some of the physics in UberSand, and made many bug fixes for MyCraft as well as updates.
The big thing is that I've bought a new computer, so I've gone and made some youtube videos to show off my projects on it.

Youtube video links:

MyCraft: TetrUs: UberSand:

Link to MyCraft Page:
Link to MyCraft Forum Topic:
Link to MyCraft Support IRC: #mycraft on

Link to TetrUs Page:

Link to UberSand Page:

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TetrUs multiplayer is back!

Posted Feb 1, 2011 in tetrus

After a so much work on MyCraft, I decided I'd better finish up TetrUs, so I went ahead and threw together a quick multiplayer fix for the lobby.
You can try it out for yourself here.
You will need to login with your frustra username and password to play multiplayer
This is still not the final release of TetrUs, so you can check back later for more!

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MyCraft Tool Mods and Render Options

Posted Jan 22, 2011 in website, c-pong, tetrus, uber-sand

After a lot more work, basic tool items have been implemented. In the next release, which will likely come tomorrow, the test mod will contain the "Blood Pickaxe", which can break any block instantly, and kill any mob instantly. This is just an example to show the capabilities of the API, and will be changed later to a more realistic item.

Also part of this next release will be some rendering options for super-low detail (no particle effects) and super-high detail (fancy lighting), possibly even more.

The first full release of this is coming soon!

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TetrUs Android Port Started!

Posted Dec 27, 2010 in android, tetrus

I've started working on an Android version of TetrUs, which is still in early alpha (got my new phone!). Its coming along faster than expected, and in a few days it'll be at the same state as the desktop version.

This will mean that you can play TetrUs from your phone with computer players as well as other players on their phones! Great success!

Thats all for now.

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TetrUs Lobby Progress!

Posted Dec 20, 2010 in tetrus

A ton of progress has been made on TetrUs.
Our server has been redone and there is now a multiplayer lobby.
The lobby currently includes a fully working chat with color coded ranks and a player list.
The currently uploaded version is down, so you will need to wait until the lobby is finished to play.

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TetrUs Update

Posted Dec 17, 2010 in tetrus

A brand new logo for TetrUs has been created and uploaded.
Game mode selection is now possible, with fully working single-player, and multi-player which will soon cause you to join the multi-player lobby, where you can select which multi-player mode you want to use.

An update will be uploaded soon.

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New Content Added

Posted Dec 15, 2010 in c-pong, mycraft, sshot, tetrus

A couple new things have been uploaded.

Our Minecraft Alpha/Beta proxy is now up for download. On the projects page, a screenshot utility and C Pong, which is a full screen pong game, are also up.

A new project that will be started after TetrUs is finished is a virtual whiteboard program that enables multiple users to share their ideas and development notes over the web (No longer happening).

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TetrUs Server Progress

Posted Dec 14, 2010 in tetrus

The TetrUs server is almost complete, it supports multiple games happening at the same time, but if there are more than 2 users connecting right now, it will fail. This should be fixed soon.

The TetrUs client now shows a "Waiting for players..." message instead of just "Connecting..." and has the socket connection has been improved.

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Development Log Started

Posted Dec 14, 2010 in website, c-pong, tetrus, uber-sand

Soon we will be filling this log with progress reports of programs we make.

A simple beta of TetrUs has been posted, and Uber Sand has been released.
Some more old completed projects will be posted along with Uber Sand such as C Pong.

Progress on TetrUs is going well and scoring and a lobby should be done soon.

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